It's a Long Term Project about the Afro-Americans Issue. The first Volume of a trilogy books which has been published by Yard Press at the end of 2015 received awards and international interest.  Sculptures VOL I, has been selected as one of the Best European Publication in the 2016 by Kaleid Edition London and is collected in the permanent Art Book Collection of M.o.M.A. and Metropolitan Museum of Art, Oslo National Academy of Arts Library, Chicago SAIC J. Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, Lafayette Art Books Collection, Swarthmore Art Books Collections.




Abiding by the facts, we can affirm that Sculptures is in all respects an instant book whose photographs were shot over the timespan of a few hours in Washington D.C. on December 13, 2014, and more precisely, during the civil rights protests that took place in the capital after the fatal shooting and civil unrest originating in Ferguson.


Images Book VOL. I

First of a trilogy of books devoted to the African Americans issue, Sculptures Vol. I. is an intimate and conceptual narrative of the greatest manifestation of African Americans from the Martin L. King times. Photographs taken at Washington December 13, 2014, more precisely During the protest on civil rights which took place in the capital after the clashes and deaths of Ferguson, combine the political motivation an intimate dimension of the project linked to the author's personal life.

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DIARY witness

The Black Diary is a notebook I bought in Washington D.C on December 12th 2014, the day before the march “Justice for All, that took place in the capital after the fatal shooting and civil unrest originating in Ferguson. I was asking to the people arrived in Washington from all over the US, to leave a personal testimony of their presence. Images of the Diary Notebook are collected here



This video aims to reduce the distance between the physical experience of browse a photography book and watching it through digital tools. Sculptures Vol I, has been made using experimental materials to make possibile some links with the African-American cultures. The use of hi-glossy papers within others technical precautions are a fundamental part of the concept.



Sculptures studies origins from a series of pictures taken into a construction building site occasionally founded during the march, Justice For All. The geometric patterns, draw on wood, represent to me different levels of consciousness, showing how social energies deriving from ideas of self-representation and can be forced into a pre-organized form and social structures. Published into the book they own natural color, these boards break the sequences rhythm of the images, posing the question about the minorities self-representation.


A Life Beside

Washington D.C - 12-13-2014

It has always surprised me understand how, alongside a great event as a public demonstration or a fight for civili rights, everything seems to be absorbed in a different energy moves. A flow of humanity only apparently separated and disoriented , driven by the rhythm of its own existence and desires but belongs with the same dignity to the same world as the event itself. So I found myself trying to widen my gaze, to try to make the time of the event wider so that I could better understand the importance of every single gesture in any every single life



These tracks have been recorded by me in a cold Saturday in Washington DC and precisely on December 13. 2014. These records are part of my long term project Sculptures and a primary part of the exhibition concept. After many sessions listening this material, I've decided to leave the tracks as originally taken. Noise, wind and any other sounds are parts of that reality.

Tracks have been not changed in their sequences order, showing as an initial calm is the introduction for emotional and accalorate speeches. 

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