Peter Hugo - Alessandro Rizzi - Narelle Autio - ROME - Diocletian Bath in RoMe - OCTOBER 18 - 2014 - NOVEMBER 14 - 2014



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TEXT By Arianna Rinaldo

Traveling as a journey towards the discovery of Oneself and of the Other. Every journey makes us come to face-to-face with ourselves and with others. It leads us into confronting one another, asking ourself questions, grasping who we truly are. Every journey is a path towards knowledge. Whether we are more or less aware of it, traveling leads us into observing, analyzing and scrutinizing those who stands before us and consequently (as if before a mirror ) ourselves. The three authors proposed this year travel along with their cameras to places that are familiar and those that are not: Pieter Hugo to his contradictory South Africa, Narelle Autio to her blue Australia and Alessandro Rizzi to a place far away from home - namely Japan. Each one of them with different styles, yet they all discover and reveal to us something of themselves during quest towards the discovery of the Other. Hence investigation and the art of photography become a means of definition and research into the identity of a culture and of a country, revealing its clichès, contradictions and secrets without presuming to be a photojournalist’s report - but something that is attained through the emotional and intimate decoding of a system of values and lifestyles. 

And this journey of discovery ultimately and inevitably always leads back to the place of origin, to the place of departure: ourselves.


Tokyo Days - Artist Text

"These are the first words that change the years I spent in Japan into memories, images into layers of symbols and senses in succession."

My work experience in Japan and especially in Tokyo (2004-2012) was based on the interconnection of two phenomena: the research of a formal sign in the fast flow of contemporary gestures and the research of an ancient awareness in chaos of the city. This research was the cornerstone and the line of my project, the dreamlike vibe that Tokyo emanates in spite of his higly material dimension, its frame. 

Tokyo is or maybe used to be the last other world within the known world. It is a mental place where even  the physical boundaries of the city seem to mould to become a stage for the stories and gestures performed there. Things that appear to be created in a given moment keep slightly changing in order to show their influence on and their interconnection with reality, deconstructing levels of awareness we take for granted.

I believe that these photographs we are looking at together could represent the last image of a city in which the sense of faraway and of elsewhere intensify the poetry of the gesture, the possibility of given sense and shape within a bubble, a frail and fascinating psychological one.